Arlington Pond Protective Association


From the initial concern of Arlington Pond's water level to a more recent occurrence of a potential water sale to a private company, APPA has played an integral role in important issues regarding the lake. More specifically, APPA:

  • Controlled the water
  • Obtained an injunction to prevent the drainage of the lake
  • Rallied votes to support a bond for the repair of the lake throughout Salem
  • Repaired the dam
  • Excavated the lake; removed stumps, sandbars, etc.
  • Negotiated the water rights
  • Negotiated a 50 year agreement for the protection of Arlington Pond, which sets the summer and winter elevations
  • Negotiated the location of the pipeline from Arlington Pond to Canobie Lake during the water crisis
  • Squelched water sales on two separate occassions to maintain the water level of Arlington Pond

  • Besides remaining vigilant to preserve and promote the beauty, recreational interests, and safety of Arlington Pond, APPA also organizes community based activities and raises funds for legal issues, communications and events. Traditionally, most funds raised have been used to protect the interests of the Arlington Pond area. APPA still has many goals on its horizon:

  • Upcoming dam repairs through voter support and bonds
  • Further improvement of the water quality
  • Continue the support of a water line expansion in the hope of adding a sewer main
  • Encourage activities and events
  • Educate people to maintain the safety of Arlington Pond
  • Raise awareness, increase membership and raise funds